Friday, April 8, 2011

Get Them Outside

Spring is coming. I promise. She's been pretty elusive in Idaho, but we caught a glimpse of the shy gal last Friday. We reached a sunny 70 degrees, so we decided to take the boys fishing. The fishing was a bit of a bust, but it brought joy to my heart seeing our boys out in the sunshine, gathering worms, finding "perfect" sticks, digging in the dirt, trying to catch snakes, and throwing rocks in the water (probably not helping our chances of catching a fish, but who cares?)

Boys are meant to be outside. Something in my mother heart tells me so when I see them playing outside. This may be true of girls as well, but I'm a mother of boys and can only speak from my experience. Spring has gone back into hiding around here, but the short peek we got has reminded me of all the things I'm excited about for summer. Here are a few.

1. Earning serious mommy brownie points by simply taking my kids to the park and maybe meeting up with friends and other moms.
2. Weenie and s'more roasts.
3. Coming home with library books. It reminds me of my childhood. I'll admit I don't love herding children while AT the library since this brood is quite prone to upsetting delicate librarian sensibilities, but I love watching the kids pore over their piles of books in the car and at home.
4. Being able to see cute baby rolls on exposed arms and legs.
5. Surprising the kids with $.30 ice cream cones at Arctic Circle.

Spring and summer are full of the simple pleasures in life. What are you guys looking forward to?