Friday, November 4, 2011

Mormon Channel

Have you guys checked out the Mormon Channel? I love to listen to it while I'm doing the dishes or canning, or whatever it is that seems to keep me in the kitchen all day long. I have especially loved their program Conversations. I recently listened to the conversation with Virginia Hinckley Pearce, and it was fabulous. I have loved so many of them, so you simply MUST check them out. Others that I've especially liked are Heidi Swinton, Elder Holland, Sister Elaine Dalton, Elder and Sister Oaks, and many others. Go there. Now. I was listening to the Mormon Channel live the other day, and there was a speaker whose name I can't recall who said that if we are constantly filling our mind with things of the gospel, the adversary will not be able to tempt us. That really struck me, and I'm going to try to make more of an effort to fill my mind and our home with the gospel so that the holy ghost will always be welcome, and the tempter will not.

Also on my mind this evening is exercise of a more physical nature. When do you guys exercise? What's the best time of day for you? I've been jogging mostly at night after the kids are in bed and sometimes when Dave is home for lunch. But with the weather getting colder, I'm struggling. It's harder to get out when it's cold, don't you agree? Help! Share what works best for you.


Kate said...

I'll definitely check out "Conversations." Thanks for the heads up. Work always go faster with something good to listen to.

As far as the exercise goes, I wish I could say that I've figured this out. But alas, I have not. I'm still trying different things to see what works best.

During the warmer months, I try to simply get out with the boys as much as possible...long bike rides, vigorous long walks with them in the BOB stroller, playing outside. The cold months are definitely harder. I'm not one to get up even earlier to work out and I'm too exhausted at night. So...I either ride my road bike on the trainer while the boys do quiet time or before dinner after Rit gets home. Or, my new favorite is working out with the Wii mid-morning with the boys. We have several workout games, but the dancing games are my favorite. And the boys love to do them with me. To them, it's play.

I've also started to do yoga again in the morning right after waking up. I did yoga very consistently for years and then stopped. I miss the benefits, so I'm back at it. I highly recommend yoga and some meditation.

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