Friday, January 22, 2010

Tutorial: Valentine Craft with the kids

We decided it was time to make some decorations for,  N (age 3) and E (age 6) joined me in making hearts.  We decided that stained glass hearts would look great when the sun shines through our west windows!  Here's what we did...
You will need:
Wax paper
Pink, red and white crayons
potato peeler
an iron
a couple of old rags

I started with a couple of sheets of wax paper (about 18" long) and shaved some crayons with the potato peeler.  Obviously N needed help, but E was able to do it by herself.

When you have enough shavings, spread them around and place another piece of wax paper on top.  I did move it to the ironing board first,
re-spreading the shavings and then put the other wax paper on top. 

Now it's time to iron!  Place a cloth on top of your ironing board, because I found out the hard way that it does bleed through a bit.  Put another cloth on top and then iron with hot iron.  Move it slowly until the crayon shavings have melted.

Next, we cut out hearts and hung them in the window.  We just taped them to the window, but they would be cute hung with ribbons.  This photo didn't turn out great, but you get the idea!  They really do look fun as the light is shining through them.  Enjoy...I think the boys would have a great time helping you with these.

Have a great day!


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