Thursday, June 3, 2010

I've Been Absent

Dear Amy (and our blog readers),

Although I have been gone from our blog for far too long, you have not been forgotten. We had a very busy May--paperwork, crazy legalities, Memorial Day, the boys' adoption, adoption party, offers on houses, preparing the move. It was insane!

Well, the adoption was finalized, the home sale fell through, we're not moving, and we still have tons of paperwork to finish. Not to mention the many house projects we procrastinated on because we thought we were moving. We did spend time over the holiday weekend cleaning up our yard and planting a garden. Check that off the list.

It's just been a busy month and unfortunately, that left little to no time to sit and write. Between raising two toddlers and keeping up with life, I'm kept hopping from before dawn until midnight. Yawn. Just thinking about it wears me out! :)

So I may not post several times a week, but I will post. Don't give up on me. The good news is that I have my priorities family comes first.

Love, Kate


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