Monday, March 12, 2012

Always Learning

Again, I wanted to share some of the things I've been reminded of recently.  As you know, Nate broke his leg last Saturday.  He's been reliant on us to move him from the couch to his bed etc.  He hasn't really left the house much and is very limited in what he can do.  It has been so nice to see the outpouring of kindness from others.  I haven't really felt like we've "needed" help...there are many others with bigger issues they are dealing with. But, that said, I have really appreciated the little things that people have done.  His preschool class made a big card for him, several different friends have brought by treats or things to occupy his time and they also wanted to see how he was, the neighbor kids brought by a big card and some candy for him, and one of my sisters sent a fun toy in the mail.  All of these things have made his day and have made this first week more bareable.  I also had a friend come and spend a couple of hours with him yesterday so that I could leave for a bit.  She read to him and played games with him, he loved it.  I have so appreciated these small acts of kindness and have realized that even a small five minute service can make someones day.  It has reminded me that it doesn't need to be a big event to let someone know you are thinking of them.  Everyone needs to be remembered and thought of, even if it's just during a small bump in their road and not a major catastrophe.

Once again, I've realized an area I need to work on and I appreciate the examples of those around me that have reminded me of this.  Just wanted to share my thoughts.

Enjoy your day...I hope you have sunshine like we do.  Spring is in the air and I love it!!


Molly said...

Thank you for sharing those thoughts, Amy. I really like the quote, "Never suppress a generous thought." I'm trying to live by that, even if the thoughts that come to mind are small things.

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