Friday, March 2, 2012

The Lesson I Learned From my Five Year Old

Yesterday we woke up to about 1-2" of snow. This was so exciting for my 5 year old because we have had so little snow this winter.  He excitedly asked me if we could go sledding.  I told him that once the kids got home I had scouts, then Jon had scouts and then we were going to an event to support dad at the high school.  With his sweet eyes, he looked at me and said, "If we weren't so busy, would you take me sledding?"  For some reason, that melted my heart and I re-evaluated my "busy-ness".  I asked him where we would go sledding...he had some great responses and I realized at that moment that he didn't care if we waited for all the kids to join us, but that he wanted to have some fun in the snow and go sledding.  We did go sledding, just Nate and I.  We laughed and loved every minute of being together in the snow.  We raced down the hill together on a sled, then we raced each other each on our own sleds and we even had a snowball fight.  It will be a cherished memory that will last a life-time.  I was grateful to be reminded that in spite of the busy-ness that frequently runs my life, I need to take time to enjoy the little things and especially the "little people" that I am grateful to have in my life.  We were only gone an hour, but it was the best hour of my day. 

Take time to enjoy your day!


Hillary Gadd said...

What a great reminder, Amy. It sure hits home. You've inspired me to find special moments with my little ones at home.

Molly said...

This really was a great reminder, Amy. Thank you. I had a particularly challenging day yesterday with Eliza and Zoie. While you were off sledding, I was probably here in Seattle pulling my hair out! But, today has been much better and I appreciate your reminder that I really do need to enjoy these days while my children are young. They are going by quickly!

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