Friday, February 25, 2011

We're Kidding...

Dear Sisters,
I thought I would share part of my day with you.  It was a great day and was even productive to some extent; that's not always the case in my life.  My days seem to be full of interruptions and today was not an exception, except for the fact that the interruption came after things on the "to do" list were completed!  After dropping off a child at piano, I got a phone call.  The voice on the other line said, "we're having babies!"  I immediately recognized the voice of my third child and knew immediately he was referring to the goats.

I had not expected to be kidding today, in fact after feeding the goats this morning I thought Belle did look like she was getting closer, but reasoned that I always thought that for at least two weeks before the big day.  So I figured she had about two weeks left, and I was dead wrong!  We weren't sure when she was bread because it was an accidental breeding.  The buck wasn't supposed to be able to breed until he was 6 months old...well, he was only 3 1/2 months, obviously more mature than some of his age.

I quickly changed plans and returned home, by the time I got there, we had two doe kids and some very excited children.  One kid is black and the other brown.  They are absolutely darling.  Any ideas on names? We've used a Disney princess theme in the past, but are running out of them.
                     I hope you had a good day as well. 


Kate said...

They're so cute!

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