Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Aye Thar Matey!!

I thought I'd share some of our fun this past weekend with you.  Nate turned 5 on Saturday and he really wanted a party.  After a brainstorming session, we decided a pirate party would fit.  We had a great time planning and then partying.

The invitations were scrolls with a treasure map background.  I soaked the papers in herbal tea after printing them (you need to use a laser printer) and then baked them for about 8-10 min to dry them out.  Then we rolled them and burned the edges.  We gave each of the invitees a pirate name.  When the kids arrived they made pirate hats.  All the pirates were then put through training before they could claim their pirate name, so they had to:  pin the chest on the treasure map, walk the plank, have a cannonball combat, disarm cannonballs, learn about the islands in  musical island and see if they could read clues on a treasure map during a treasure hunt.  The pirates received a skull necklace, balloon swords, their hat, eye patches and a loot bag from the treasure hunt to signify their success.  They had a great time. Here is our party in pictures...


You can't have a pirate party without a treasure chest cake.  Nate thought it was great!

I once again realized how much I love planning and having parties.  I think I sometimes shy away from them because I know they consume me and take so much time, but I do love it!  I've decided some of my kids may need to have a Halloween party next!!

Party on!


Hillary Gadd said...

That cake is ah-mazing! What a great party. Good for IS a lot of work, but you made some great memories I'm sure.

Kate said...

That looks like serious fun! What great ideas! And the cake is awesome. Happy birthday, Natertot!

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