Monday, October 24, 2011

Jackson, the Jack-o-lantern


Even though I was a couch potato (quite literally!), it was a great weekend. Alex took the girls on several different outings, one of them to a pumpkin patch. They picked out a huge pumpkin that they carved Saturday night. They named him Jackson and were absolutely delighted with the entire carving process. It was such fun to watch them sit on the table, reaching their hands into the pumpkin to take out his "guts," all the while giggling with delight.

After lighting the candle to set Jackson a glow, Alex put Eliza on his lap and said in a quite voice, "Jackson might just grow a body while we are sleeping tonight and come to life!" I don't think he thought she would take it so seriously. Later that night, about an hour after putting the girls to bed, we heard Eliza screaming in terror. We both ran into their room (well, me a little slower than running). Zoie had woken up and climbed into bed with Eliza. Eliza was startled awake with a body next to her thinking it was Jackson, the Jack-o-latern, come to life! She was crying out, "It's Jackson, it's Jackson! He's in my bed!" It was hard not to laugh. Zoie started crying too in fear that Jackson was somewhere in the bed. It was quite the commotion! It took a few minutes to calm them down and explain that daddy was just being silly. We took them into the kitchen and showed them Jackson... sitting on the table where we left him. But, Eliza has still confirmed multiple times now with me that Jackson doesn't really come to life when we go to sleep. What a sweetheart!

Hope you all have a happy and spooky Halloween!


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