Thursday, October 6, 2011

Loving the Little Things

I had a great weekend with you and Dave in Wisconsin.  It was so fun to have adult time.  It is always nice to have a break from the constancy of normal life as a mother.  It is also a good time to be reminded of the little things I love.  As I sit in the chaos of my home, I'm reminded that I love being a stay at home mom that lives in the crazy fast lane.  I love listening to Jon sing as he practices the piano.  I love the sound of Nate telling stories out loud to himself as he thumbs through books.  I love seeing Nate dance as he watches his reflection in the sliding glass door.  I love hearing the showers and blow dryers as kids get ready for school. I love hearing all the forks and dishes as they are piled in the sink after family breakfast.  I love the "I love you mom"  "have a good day" and "thanks for breakfast" comments that ring through the morning from 7:20-8:50 as the house empties.  I love hustle of finding shoes, back packs and papers that are needed for a successful day at school.  I love the sound of the phone ringing constantly as the kids try to figure out if they are all riding bikes or not.  I have decided that life is busy and crazy and that being away makes me appreciate even more those things that sometimes annoy me; those things that at times make me feel disjointed.  Thought I'd share my thoughts. Hope it's a good day!


Hillary Gadd said...

Thanks for this, Amy! It's a good reminder to enjoy the craziness while it lasts.

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