Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Boys of Summer

Fall is in the air here in Twin Falls...well, almost. The days are still warm, but the nights are cooler. This means our house still cools off at night even though our sliding screen door was sacrificed to the rowdy celebrations of Ethan and Jeff's "End of Summer Late Night." I don't know where Ethan learned about late nights, but Ethan wanted to have one with some of his friends to celebrate the last week of summer vacation last week. So we invited over two other sets of brothers who are Ethan and Jeff's age, cooked hotdogs and s'mores, watched a cartoon, and played night games.

All fires at our house are lit with flint. The boys luh-huve it. Does anything captivate little boys quite like fire?

Here is Dave with all the boys...except for Sam and the babes. We may have only had 4 guests attend the bash, but remember we still had 9 little boys in this house. We were grossly outnumbered. :) Dave has his rule the rabble face on.

Here's Sam with his marshmallow alight. He insists on doing most things himself...with varying results.

Here are the boys ready for night games...Ethan was a bit hesitant about wandering around in the dark. By the by, Mom ruled the game of sardines by having the best hiding spot of the night. Huzzah!

Our last week of summer was filled with other fun activities to end the break with a bang. We went swimming at 1000 Springs Hot Springs and also attended the Twin Falls County Fair.
Ethan and Jeff trying to get on the log. They had a blast with this.

Brushing the enormous cow.

They each got to milk a cow!
Time to go home.

And now we've started school, and it's kinda great. It makes for early mornings and a much more rigid schedule, but it just feels necessary. Summer is coming to a close, but we're still enjoying one of our favorite recipes we found this summer. Grilled Pesto Pizza...seriously yum. I found it at a friend of mine's blog called The Farm Girl Recipes. She has lots of awesome recipes, but the Grilled Pesto Pizza is definitely one to try right away. Don't deny yourself the delicious opportunity. I do make her pizza crust with half whole wheat flour, but instead of lots of little pizzas, I usually make larger, oval-shaped ones to fit on the grill. This is largely due to my laziness and only wanting to roll out one pizza. I love grilling the pizza because it keeps the dough crisp and not at all soggy. Try it!


Kate said...

Such cute pictures! Sam is getting so big! I can't believe how much you still manage to do with five boys in tow...two very young. You amaze me. Such a fun family!

Molly said...

Looks like you have done so many fun things this summer! Those pictures are sure full of lots of boys!

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