Saturday, September 24, 2011

Our trip to Ikea...

Dear Sisters,

Most of you (minus Hillary and myself) are together in Wisconsin right now. I hope you are enjoying your time away and having a ball together. Wish I were there with you!

We had a crazy trip to Ikea yesterday. Liz (Alex's sister) is here helping us for the week. She is amazing. She is nonstop energy and efficiency and is so sweet with our girls... and I just love being around her. I wanted to go get some toddler beds for the girls while either her or my mom were here helping us. We've been a bit fearful (to say the least) of switching the girls to big beds because of the effect it might have on nap and bed time. So, because of the bed rest situation, I planned on doing the switch while I had someone here to help me with things.

Our trip to Ikea to pick out the beds started out well, but by the end poor Liz had taken the two girls to the potty about 10 times (I counted) and we had a few accidents happen in the process. Then, Eliza had one of the biggest temper tantrums ever while we were checking out. Can any of you relate? It was crazy. And, we missed nap time so the girls were completely wired by the time we got home...

But, check out the cool motorized wheel chair that I got to drive around! Obviously, that was the highlight of the trip.

We'll keep you posted on how the change to the toddler beds goes. I'll send some pictures once we get them set up. It's kind of bittersweet to see my little girls growing up so fast! I'm sure you all understand that sentiment.



Kate said...

We've all had days like that! How lucky you are to have Liz there to help. I'm excited to hear how the girls adjust to their new beds. They look adorable in their tutus!

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