Thursday, September 8, 2011

That Time of Year!

Dear Sisters,
It's that time of year again and just when I feel like I'm getting on top of the game, the garden and fruit trees are overflowing with abundance.  We really enjoy eating the fresh fruits and veggies that are a product of our summer long labors, but I also spend time canning, drying and freezing the extra.  I started all of that this past week.  It started with tomatoes on Saturday.  I don't really love to can, but I love the product that we enjoy all winter long.  I love knowing exactly what is in the bottle and that there are no preservatives.  Janelle wanted to learn how to can and so she helped me on Saturday.  It was so fun to be in the kitchen together while peeling tomatoes and stuffing jars.   Even though I don't love to can, I loved the time with her.  It was a time that we were able to enjoy each other while being productive.  It was great!  

Yesterday I canned peaches and I wanted to share with you my new pressure canner.  I have always used a water bath to process when canning.  Last year I got a pressure canner for Christmas and with some reluctance, I've learned how to use it...and it's even safe!  The thing I love the most is that it doesn't make the mess on my stove that the boiling water bath did.  It's great!  I've even processed chicken, and it was easy.  So I've decided two things about is that it doesn't have to be messy and the other is that it's a great time to visit and bond as a family.
Happy canning everyone!
Enjoy your day,


Hillary Gadd said...

I want to can some peaches this year! But I already have apricots in my freezer that I have yet to make into jam...I WILL get to it. Or, we'll make lots of smoothies.:)

Kate said...

Seriously, YUM! I have yet to even eat ONE GOOD PEACH this year. It just hasn't been a good year for peaches here. Maybe next year...

Molly said...

I'm in love with peaches. I wish I could eat them every day all year. Your canning expertise astound me!

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