Monday, September 12, 2011

They Do Love Dirt...

Dear Sibs,

One thing I know for sure, my boys LOVE to be outside. They love to play outside. They love to sit in the dirt and dig in the sand. They love to pour water into various containers and make mud "coffee cake." They love to explore and discover. They love to pick flowers. They love the swing sticks. They love to gather treasures. They love to build various buildings and benches and contraptions out of scrap wood.

I welcome these loves. I encourage these loves. These loves are of the healthy variety. I delight in seeing their pockets filled with treasures, pockets sagging so low that they often interfere with walking.

I melt when they present to me more wildflowers than I can carry. I smile every time I see the bowls on the table inside the front door filled with the many treasures they have carefully gathered and saved and later explained to their dolls.

We took a beautiful family hike on Labor Day morning. Our peaceful walk through the forest ended at the beach of Lake Michigan and then looped back to the car.

The boys were enthralled and for Rit and I, our cups were filled for the upcoming week. It was the perfect opportunity to slow down, take a deep breath and just be in the moment and enjoy being together without the many distractions of every day life.
When all is said and done, those are the important things. I often have to remind myself what is really important in life, these relationships, this time together, my boys and their loves.

Love, Kate


Hillary Gadd said...

Wisconsin looks gorgeous! You made me want to take a walk down to Lake Michigan. It might take me a while from here, though...

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