Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April Fools Day Dinner

Dear Kate,
With April Fools Day being only a couple of days away, I thought I'd share a tradition we have. Our kids love the dinner we typically have that night. It's nothing special... usually just spaghetti, salad, bread sticks and dessert. The different part is how it's served. I rename all of the menu items and also rename all of the utensils (we include very unusual ones). The children fill out their menus and then I serve them. Here is an example of the menu. The items in parenthesis are not included on their menu!

You are going on an adventure. You will come across some of the things listed during your dining activity.
Please put numbers 1-4 next to the items below.
Slimey Snakes (that would be the spaghetti)
Frog Bones (bread sticks)
Seaweed and moss (salad)
Mud (chocolate pudding)
Quick sand (milk)

Next pick four different items that you would like to take with you. Place numbers 1-4 next to them.
Shovel (ice cream scoop)
Screwdriver (butter knife)
Ax (pancake turner)
Rope (straw)
Arrow (Spatula)
Magic Wand (spoon)
Pitchfork (fork)

They are then served their number 1 item from the top of the list with their number 1 item at the bottom of the list to eat it with. They usually all have something different. Some start with dessert while others start with salad. They get their number two picks after they are done with number one. It is so fun to hear them and to see how creatively they eat with what they have. You'll have to try it as the boys get older. Even N. loved it last year and he was only two, but he did have his older siblings to watch. Wait a couple of years and let me know what you think!



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