Friday, March 19, 2010

Recipe: Green Smoothie Deliciousness

Dear Amy,
Good morning! We both know how hard it can be to get enough veggies into our kids’ diets. i know that you’ve been interested in green smoothies for awhile now, so I thought I’d share one of our favorite green smoothie recipes.
smoothie cup
We have this practically every day for lunch. The boys love it and anticipate it. And it’s super fast and super easy. Of course, the recipe is not exact since I made it up and I make variations of it depending on what I have on hand.
smoothie upside down
A couple of large spoonfuls of vanilla yogurt
A couple of large spoonfuls of unsweetened applesauce
one banana
a few cubes of cooked sweet potato (skin-free)
a handful of raw spinach
1/2 cup or so of apple juice
Blend until smooth.
smoothie top
These amounts are for an amount that feeds both of my boys—maybe a couple of cups or so. I’ve added nuts, wheat germ, and raw oatmeal in the past—all have worked well. To blend it, I use my favorite kitchen toy—the Magic Bullet. I LOVE this thing! I got it on super sale at Kohl’s and I use it at least once a day…typically several times a day.
smoothie glass
I usually pair a green smoothie with crackers, humus, sliced veggies, raisins and some cheese. The boys love it and I love knowing that they are eating well.
Eric Smoothie
Give it a try! Have a great day!
Love, Kate


Magen said...

I have got to try the magic bullet. 2nd, I have got to try this recipe...I'm not sure I would eat it. But maybe my 4 year old will!

Amy said...

I'm excited to try it as well. I haven't had a green smoothie with sweet potato, but have tried many other things. I'm excited to add this to my recipes!

Marie said...

I tried this today with the little guy and I'm very happy to say that he loved it! Such a great idea since often he'd rather drink than eat especially when his teeth are bothering him. Thanks for the recipe!

David, Hillary, Ethan, Jefferson, and Samuel said...

My kids LOVE green smoothies, long as I don't get crazy with the greens. For instance, beet greens literally taste like dirt. We stick with spinach, yougurt, frozen apricots (from last spring), some strawberries, plain yogurt (you really don't need the sugar with the fruit), etc. Even Jeff eats them...which is a miracle.

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