Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My New Many-Petaled Love

Dear Amy,

I have found a new love. And as with most new loves, I am full of eager anticipation…the possibilities are endless. I want to spend all of my free time with my new love. I can’t wait for you two to meet!

Last year, I bought a book that sounded fascinating, Kanzashi in Bloom by Diane Gilliland. In sticking with my goal to use up scrap fabric, find uses for old clothes that are not worth donating and continue to create to my heart’s content, I have fallen for Kanzashi.

My limited understanding is that true Kanzashi is the art of folding gorgeous Japanese silk into petals, which are then used to create stunning and elaborate hair decorations to be worn with traditional Japanese kimonos. It’s a time-consuming art form that takes years of training and many specialized tools.

Enter Diane’s book. The pictures are fabulous. The projects are simple. The directions are super easy to follow. I’ve been looking for some sort of inspiration for a new wreath to adorn our front door…something a little springy, a little summery, mostly happy. For me, Kanzashi seems the perfect fit. Not only will dozens of tiny flowers adorn my new wreath, but this new flowery delight may just overflow into all areas of my life. Watch for elaborate fabric flowers to adorn everything and anything I own! I love them!

I can use my scrap fabric or fabric I’m not particularly fond of. I can cut up old clothing. Of course, I’ll send you photos when my wreath takes shape. Until then, let these wet your whistle:

flower two pieces

flower triangle

flower folding petal hand

flower sewing petals

flower back

flower done

I’m not digging the button center, so I think that will have to go, but I love the concept of the flowers. And it took me all of 15 minutes or so. The squares I started with were 3”. SO EASY! I highly recommend Diane’s book, but I also found instructions online HERE. I can’t wait to finish my wreath!

Love, Kate


Destri said...

love these!!! So cute!

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