Monday, April 5, 2010

Tutorial Review: Finished Bunnies and Their Wardrobe

Dear Amy,

Happy Easter (just one day late…)! I hope you had a wonderful weekend and a peaceful and joy-filled Easter holiday. We had a very nice weekend packed with a trip to the zoo, a drive through the countryside and spending some much-needed time outside. The weather is warming up here and I could not be more thrilled. BRING IT ON!

I finished the bunnies for the boys Easter baskets. You can find the free pattern online here. I made a couple of changes to the pattern, namely I added elbows and knees and a changed the feet.

bunny eric

The elbows and knees were easy. Simply stop mid-limb while stuffing and sew across the limb and then continue to stuff. I changed the feet to a more gradual slope from the leg to the ankle to the foot to make the bunnies easier to dress. I felt like the foot shooting out at a 90-degree angle made it hard to get the pants on.

The boys are so into dressing and undressing their dolls now (focus on the undressing), so I made some clothes to go along with them. Yes, I realize that the clothes do not “match” in any sense of the word. But I was using up fabric scraps and they are really cute! I think I’ll add more clothes as time allows. They sew up so quickly! Here’s the link to the free pattern and tutorial for the pants and shirt.

bunny eric dressed

The bunnies are gender neutral, so they also got a dress (worn with pants in the photo for a more funky vibe). You can find the dress pattern and tutorial here. D helped with the styling for the photo.

bunny d dress 

As you can see, this bunny has unfinished ears. I love the fuzzy look it gives. I lieu of the tied pants as shown in the pattern, I added an elastic waist using 1/4” elastic. So easy! Yes, the bunny does need to lose some weight around the middle so that the pants fit better!

bunny D dressed pants

It took all of D’s self control not to grab the bunnies as I was trying to take photos. As he prefers all dolls without clothes in our house (the easier to change their “poop” as he says), he couldn’t handle seeing the bunnies lying there fully dressed. Needless to say, the bunnies are now properly naked and well cared for.

Happy Easter a day late!

Love, Kate

p.s. The food revolution starts tomorrow! EEEEEKK!


Sandra said...

It's so cute! My daughter's dolls are always naked too. I think kids think it is fun to change their dolls' clothes and they come off easily enough but it's pretty difficult to get them back on.

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